The Real-Ad Marketing (RAMA) Group is incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain – an archipelago of 33 magnificent islands nestled in the opal green waters of the Arabian Gulf. Renowned for its freedom and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Bahrain has had a lasting effect on the Group’s thought process, attitude and approach to advertising & media solutions, brand and event management.

We owe our existence to create originality that shapes and grows our clients’ businesses.

We travel the globe to discover truths using conventional wisdom, to spur change that compels us to look at a new perspective in our studies, illuminating our thinking, our industry, our world, the universe. And we believe these truths are a potent force that helps brands to truly make their mark.

• Advertising, public relations and marketing
• Events Management
• Interior Design
• Distribution of Medical Products
• IT Solutions

RAMA’s central office located in the Seef District of the Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to serving customers and all of stakeholders in a friendly and professional manner, with uncompromising integrity, loyalty and respect. We believe in providing value for our customers as well as our employees by creating better places to work and do business in.

Bahrain Jewellery Centre
General Manager
Nader AL Samahiji
Marketing Director
Amakin Real Estate & Properties