Rama Medical Division is a subsidiary of the Real-Ad Marketing Group set up to facilitate the supply of medical equipment and procurement for the medical community. Our business interests include, but is not limited to:

• Import, export and sale ofmedical and hospital equipment
• Distribution, sourcing and servicing medical and hospital equipment

Rama Medical Services is one of the fastest growing supplier of state-of-the-art technology and offers value to doctors and medical institutions by giving them never before features and cutting edge advantages.

To provide the most reliable and world-class medicalproducts and services tomedical practitioners and institutions all over the Middle East.

We aim to be the company of choice in supplying reliable and world-class products for customers in the medical fraternity.

Corporate Values

Reliability:- We assure that all products and services offered are with utmost quality. Quality and service is the hallmark of our reputation.

Accountability:- We assure that all products and services offered are with utmost quality. Quality and service is the hallmark of our reputation.

Members Teamwork:- Working together towards one common goal is the attitude imbibed in us.

Altruism:- We are devoted to improve the welfare of others. Hence, we will continuously strengthen our corporate social responsibility to support social welfare initiatives to benefit employees, customers and the community at large.

Products and Services
Our focus is to be the most trusted supplier for all major medical and hospital equipment that offers innovative solutions in areas of ultrasound, imaging and life support equipments.

Rama Medical specializes in serving wide range of medical equipment needs of hospitals and clinics for diagnostic imaging in ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, X-ray and others. It also offers life support, operating theater and patient care systems for medical specialties such as perinatology, ENT, neurology, cardiology and other specialties. It also provides all kinds of hospital furniture and supplies.

Our Strengths
• Cost-effective and reliable IT products
• Highly qualified pool of talented experts including IT specialists and programmers
• Huge network to source and facilitate smooth distribution of products
• On-time delivery policy

Quality Policy
• We are committed to providing life saving equipments/devices that are safe and effective.
• We are committed to continuously improve our Quality Management System, our products and our services.
• We are committed to complying with the regulatory requirements and continuously satisfy the needs of our customers and partners.
• We are committed to deliver high quality products and services on-time as agreed.

Corporate Values

• Reliability
• Accountability
• Members Teamwork
• Altruism